2006yzf 450 head set sh#!storm

Alright so im tired of fighting this and the last time I was on thumper talk the head set problem was eavryware, so iv changed the bering when they started frezzing and I can asume because of water and I regreased the replacement berings for a waterproof seal and after like 20 races there frezing and clicking agen, im desent and smooth so its not that and it is lame tearing the face off all the time so guys are there better quality head set bearings? That fit oem of coarse

The best quality bearings you can put in the steering head are the OEM bearings, but be certain that you only use the late version of the upper that has the built in seal (PN 93332-00078-00) AND that you use a Marine grade waterproof grease, AND that you give up the habit of pressure washing around the steering stem.

I've had one set of these in my bike since '07.

So go stock with marine lio now just water proof, for what reson, lonjevity?

Try that again.

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