most memorable riding experience

I just wanted to know what was every bodies most memorable riding experiences with wild life, other riders, and other stuff :)

By far, mine is the 1981 Barstow-to-Vegas. It rained and snowed, we lowered bikes over 10 ft rocks with tow straps, got stuck on a once dry lakebed in 12 inches of muck, and ended the ride wet, cold, and shivering underneath a freeway overpass in the rain and wind. My new Husky held up fine, but my buddy's KTM gave up on the lakebed, and I had to tow him to the freeway overpass and wait for our chase vehicle.

Not my ideal ride, but certainly memorable.


lake arrow head in january.... 1 and a half feet of snow.. icy muddy flowing rivers... new michelin s-12s on hte back wow if you picked up a little traction in the river bottom you could wheelie all the way up the stream...

and another best was mammoth mountain in may.... still a little melting snow... lots of traction... 3 foot deep rivers... just enough to be below the airbox intake and below the exhaust pipe.. and these rivers were like 200 feet wide also with silty mud at the bottom... then my friend and his two smoker stalled in the river so we went back to take his f-350 with the 2 foot lift and 33 inch tires back out there to load him up in the middle of the river.. that was pretty interesting but fun and the best part about riding there is you can just park right by all the resturaunts so you can ride your bike in front of the restaurant park it and lock it there even if its not dualsported pretty cool place :)

St. Mary's Glacier, CO...few years back...first time up there...up over 12K ft (above the tree line). Thunderstorm coming in quickly...had to decide whether we should go back the way we came or find the trail we were looking for in the first place to take us down. Opted on the latter...found out the map was wrong - no trail down that stuck ON the stupid glacier (as it turns out...shouldnt be up limits)...once we figured out we were somewhere we shouldnt be and got the bikes unstuck, the bike fouled a plug (before I got all of my jetting sorted out). Changed the plug out in the middle to the where to run the heck out of dodge...dropped some kids off in my pants (not at the pool). NEVER AGAIN! :)

Mountain Parkway Offroad in Claycity Kentucky.A friend an I conquered the survival course they have.Basically 20 something miles up one side this mountain and down the other.We made a mistake though tried it after it rained what a mess,we told our buddies we would be back in an hour three hours later we returned,totally exhausted.I believe we were one on the first victoms the trails were brand new.

winning my first road race while passing the leader on the last lap after getting pushed of the track on the first lap. when I made the pass I entered the corner hot passed on the outside put my knee on the pavement slid the back tire around and shot to the checkered flag first.

That ride I will never forget!

Geez you guys have some way better stories than me, but that could just be because i've only been riding for a year and a half now. I would have to say my most memorable riding experience would be last summer when my buddy and i got our bikes stuck in a swamp (acidentally took wrong turn) got them out and then tried to take a shortcut back, and got stuck again (doh!) and finally made it back to his house, we both were dehydrated, drank a gallon of water, puked, drank another gallon of water, and then had to go to work, that was a long night at work.

mine is last winter my dad, cousin, and I went to milford lake riding and there was a permafrost on the ground and it got to lik 65 that day and it was like going on Ice if you lost your speed and weht about 15 there was now way not to crash it stunk

Back in the day I was 15 years old and was out riding a KX400 around the local sand pit. The cops had really been trying hard to arrest the people out riding for what reason I don't know. The town bought 2 DS185 Suzooks and they still couldn't catch anybody. To get into this pit you had to ride around the high school athletic fields. There was a chain link fence on one side and a steep drop off on the other. I was done riding and I was going home. I rode around the fence and saw a cop car parked at the end of the fence. I turned the bike around and got to the other end and there was another cop. The fat bastard gets out of his car and crouches like a wrestler. The only way around him was over him. I figured if I nailed the throttle he would get out of the way.

WRONG! I had the front wheel up in the air and at the last second he tried to get clear of me. My handle bar smacked him in the face. I didn't crash and I didn't look back to see what happened to chubby. I rode through some back yards and rode into my garage.

It turns out I didn't hurt the cop too bad just rang his bell a little. The local cops had an idea it was me but I denied it and the cop I whacked wasn't very popular. Since the staute of limitations has run out I feel I can tell the story.

Way too many great rides with my father and grandfather to mention. I tried to select just one, but fell short.I just cannot do it.

Neither one of them are alive anymore. I will never forget the fun in riding with them as a kid. I hope those thinking about getting their kids bikes do so.

The best part was the doing. I cannot remember exactly how new, how fast, or how many trick parts the bike had.

The best feeling I remember was drinking water from a stream on a 100 degree day. The water was running off of a radioactive mine (found out later) but it was wonderful!

There's always so many its hard to pick any particular one, but this is one I shared with some of our adult friends at my recently passed buddy Guy Martin's graveside service Thursday.

We were young men at the time and his folks had never let him have a bike during school so he wasn't a very accomplished rider.

We go to Angelina Nat'l forest on Friday night for a weekend of drinking, camping, and dirtbike riding with friends at Boykin. The sky dumps about 4 inches of rain on our tent which promptly floods out, so we move into my pickup truck to sleep in a sitting up position, but the heat of our breathing makes it so miserable inside that I had to roll my window down somewhat just to breath and try to sleep while its pouring on me!

We go out for our ride Saturday morning, the trails are slick as snot and every little water crossing is flooded out bigtime. We hadn't even gone 10 miles when we come to one crossing that was impassable. Our buddies decide we'll round up sections of some tree logs, stack 'em up at the edge, pack dirt over the pile, and jump the creek. 5 guys make it cleanly across and only Guy and I are on the other side. He's never jumped a bike in his life and doesn't want to be left behind so we all give him our advice "Get it into second, hold the throttle almost wide open, and no matter what don't let off the gas". Well as he comes up on the jump face he panics, chops the gas and then hits the gas again. Needless to say he came up short of the other side, lands in water about 4' deep but nailed the throttle on his landing and the bike shot out of the water and wheelied, he let go and it shot out into the woods. You've never seen any thing so funny in your life, the big perfect V of water, the ghostrider wheelie straight into the woods, and Guy soaking wet screaming "Yeah man I made it!" Later that day he hit a wet tree root at an angle, bit it bad, and got a major bruiser on his thigh. That evening he was so sore and banged up he couldn't even lean forward to unlace so he asked me to take his boots off for him. The next morning he couldn't ride so he stayed in camp and drank.

All he did on the way home and for the next few weeks was to talk about how much fun he had and if I'd loan him the bike again how he couldn't wait to come back.

All I could do at his service was cry like a baby while thinking about all the fun we had over the years. I've never been a pallbearer before and I pray I never have to do it again in my lifetime.

That story was enough to make me cry. Sorry for the loss of a good friend.

Nevada2000(Ironman EX) and Baja 2000(SPORTS MAN OPEN) in the Y2K.

Let's have a fun!!

Life is short...



Say a prayer for Sandy, Brittany, Cory, and Nancy.

I can't even begin to imagine how she and the children are are staying so strong through all of this.

I think ThumperJP said it best "Life is short".

I was crying when I wrote that post.

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