Carb Rebuild Question???

So I have my carb near complete disassembly, and I notice that there are bearings in the top of the carb where the throttle shaft assembly goes. Also, the throttle position sensor goes over the same hole.

I had planned one dipping the body of my carb in parts cleaner to clean it all out, but I am unsure as to what to do about these bearings. I see a bit of plastic on them and really don't want to ruin them. They don't seem to budge when I try to hammer them out either...


BTW: It's a '00 yz426

When I cleaned my FCR (again :bonk: ) I simply sprayed brake cleaner through all the metering holes, after I'd removed all the jets, choke (enrichener), hot start plunger, & all the other parts from the main body. Then I blew it out with compressed air. I kept my spray cleaner away from the the throttle shaft bearings you're talking about, and away from the TPS.

There are likely other ways, and better ways, but this worked well for me. :thumbsup:


In EDIT: Here's a link to a good article on carb cleaning, from Dirt Rider magazine, with Ty Davis.

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