Thanks to all for a repaired oil filter cover!!!

I had to comment on this. Its:thumbsup::thumbsup: funny. I was just reviewing some past posts the other night and somehow stumbled across some posts about some folks having some issues with the lower bolt to the oil filter cover on some yz's stripping out. I thought to myself, "i've done plenty of changes on my yz with no issues so what are these guys talking about?" I read on anyway about how they fixed them. some helicoils and some re-tapped the existing threads as well as some other replies. Maybe I stuck with the thread because I knew I wanted to change my oil soon but i dont know, maybe curiosity. So the day before going to the track, I went to change it and wouldn't you know! (I'm very serious), My bottom filter cover bolt wouldn't thread!!! I had to fly to the hardware store to get a tap (before 5), just made it. 6mm 1.0.... well the tap did fine. Did my best to clean out the junk with q-tips etc. and made it to the track in the morning. Thanks guys, Tom :bonk:

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