HELP ME! Switching wr for yz gears on 2001 426.

I have a 2001 wr426f. I blew the tranny 5th gear on the freeway. Replaced both tranny shafts and gears from a 2002 yz 426 tranny, but i kept the original shift cam and shift forks from the 2001 wr426. The bike doesnt shift correctly now (mis-shifts into neutral, wont downshift and has been skipping 2nd gear, cant get it back into 1st gear, etc.) My question is, will the stock 2001 wr426 shift cam and shift forks work with the stock 2002 yz tranny shafts and gears.

Don't know the answer to that, but it sure seems like something is not working properly. Do you not have the YZ shift cam & shift forks? I don't think they would have to be changed, but am willing to bet that at least one of the forks is currently bent, and this is causing your shifting woes. If you blew 5th gear in the WR on the freeway, you of course realize that the YZ 5th gear is even lower yet, right? Maniac

You really need to sit in front of a Yamaha fiche and compare. Sounds like you only did half a job by replacing only some components and there must be more that needed to be swapped.

Like was mentioned, YZ gears will be shorter. WR's really aren't designed stock to be freeway runners.


I know they werent designed for freeway but with the wr gears and my sprocket choice (15tooth in front and 40 teeth in the rear) the bike will hit 135mph. 5th gear would bog a bit climbing a hill but, the bike liked to cruize 80mph. OK, back to the yz trans. I just finished looking up part numbers and there is a difference in one shift fork (shift fork 1) although all three forks have been revamped with new part numbers to. Not sure if the parts were actually revamped but, they have new part numbers anyway. The shift cams are the same part number for both bikes so it shouldn't be an issue. OK THEN, all other part numbers are good so it seems that i need all new shift forks to complete the install correctly. Thanks for the advice guys.........

135 mph! Wow! I sure wish I owned that bike! "Sarcasm"

I know, no one believes me accept for people that have tried to keep up !!!!!!!!!!! The low end is harsh on the clutch but, I only use this sprocket setup when im going for a long freeway ride or dont plan on dirt riding for a while. sarcasm, usually comes from disbelievers or know it all's. Anyway, Yah thanks everyone for the help.[/i]

Well, I must be both a know-it-all & a disbeliever then. Good luck with your bike. Newbie's are continuously amazing me with there stories. I'm done here. Good luck at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

What was done to the engine to make enough power to hit those speeds? Has you at least 70hp. Was it an indicated 135 or was it based on a GPS?

Why is it so hard to believe that it can hit 130mph? The bike is a wr426f. I weigh 165lbs. Have 15 front and 40 tooth rear sprocket (again, this was a one time thing) , the freeway is relativelly flat (not climbing any hills), and i have done all the free mods plus some, run a highway rated dunlop and tucked down over the tank when i hit that speed. My buddy was on his crotch rocket and checked the top speed. Oh well, guess the track and trail guy responding has a fear of death. I DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broaden your horizons and life opens up all kind of possabilities, challenges and suprises. I LOVE IT.

Ok, when you put the shift mechanism (on the end of the shift drum) together did you get all of the pieces in there?

Check the parts diagram for your bike here,

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