power now

Has anyone ever put a power now on a 03 wr450f, if so does it work.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

I put it on mine. I didnt see a lot of difference, IMO it is not worth the money to use it on a 03 WR350.(I say that because others have had different experiences with using it on earlier models)It did make the throttle response a little cleaner around mid-range.

It is on mine and you cant have it! It works great! :)

I put one on mine and honestly, I really didn't notice that much of a difference. Hindsight being what it is, I would have spent the $100 on something else.

I put one in mine and I think it was the best $90.00 that I spent. No more flat spots at low RPMs. Unlike WR450_RDR. who lives quite near me, I love it. :)


Thanks for the info.

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