Carbon fiber for 03 Wr450f?

Has anyone put carbon fiber skid plates/frame guards and fork/disc covers on the 03 wr450f? If so what type and where did you get them...Ive been looking all over for them and cant seem to find them. Thanks, Denis :)

I recommend the aluminum ones. I have not seen the carbon fiber units last. They crack and do not bend and then it is over. :)

Highly recomend E-LINE. Kevin Hines is great to deal with and his carbon goodies are top notch.He usually answers the phone when you call.

I have used carbon chain guides on my last three bikes with no issues. Takes a hit and bounces right back without bending or derailing the chain.I have used alumi skid plates up until the 450. I was tired of the weight and jagged dents and dings. So far the carbon job is taking the rocks and looks very trick. I also added the header guard to cover up that soft Ti.Anyway to each his own. But if you want carbon call E-LINE. :)

I have to agree with SMD about them being top notch. I have the skid plate I installed b-4 the first ride and its been bashed by some pretty large rocks and it still looks great ( not dents/no dings :D) It also offers protection coverage thats tough to beat :thumbsup:usa:thumbsup:. I enjoyed dealing with them and plan on purchasing their header guard also :). Hope this helps Denis!

Smoke :D

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