Acerbis Skid Plate

Those who have some miles on them, how are they holding up? Also, do they provide decent side protection for the motor or is the plastic too flimsy?

Want to try something besides aluminum and didn't really care for the look of the Hyde piece.

Worthless is the only answer for the Acerbis skid plate.For dirt bike riding.

So did you use one and it didn't work out for you? Why?

I've got one and I like it much better than aluminum. Not as good as the KTM unit with it's 1/4 turn fasteners but good none the less. Taken some big hits due to the lowish nature of the frame and received no damage.


Yes I had them on two bikes,one broke damaged frame.Other case damage,right where skid plate should protect it.All the other riders,told me dont use those.They where given to me free,now I know why.If you ride where there are rocks,I would pass.

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