02 wr 426 over heating

went riding today ,, was raining a little,, lots of slick top soil/mud,,, about an hour into it i over heated,,,,first and second gear only on some slick trails,, lots of idol time ,,, and i'm really concerned... i see lots of stuff saying that this bike in not meant for this tight trail riding,,, any suggestions?.. also the bike would only run with the choke on.. so i adjusted the idol screw till it would run with out the choke,,, i dont think it's running to much rpm,,as i pretty much had to work the throttle so it wouldnt die,,,,

Overheating and not running without a choke could both be symptomatic of the jetting being overly lean. I would pull the spark plug and take a look, and also, if you don't know where it's jetted at, I'd then pull the carb and check it out. The sticky here about jetting is a good resource.

It sounds like your pilot jet is clogged. Has it been sitting for a while? If so I can almost guarantee that's the problem. My dad did the same thing with his 01 426, I'm surprised it survived, the header was glowing red while I was ridding beside him. We went back to the house cleaned the carb and it ran fine, of course we did have to adjust the idle back down.

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