03 WR 450 cutting out

I have a sick WR450

03, YZ cams, M4 exhaust, ZipTy fuel air screw,

The bike was running perfect at the race a couple of weeks ago, washed it and put it up. Got it out yesterday to ride and it is cutting out as I roll on the throttle and try to hold a steady speed, kinda like when the pilot is stopped up but worse! I took the carb off and cleaned it. It didn't help so I switch it with another from a bike that is running perfect. It did NOT help!!!

I switched the coil and it helped a small bit, I can get it wide open now and it will clean up.

I switched the cdi and it didn't help!!


What are the odds the drain hole in the head is stopped up and there's water in the plug hole?

Not good since I put in a new plug. Plus I have an Ims tank so it's hard to get water in there. But thanks

Go through all your electrical connections, just a hunch with the washing....

I have tried everything except switching the stator's. And the harness.

Fresh gas??? Water in gas???

Other than that, if you know someone with the same bike as it sounds, try a stator swap.

I know I had an issue with a connection at the starter relay under my seat on my 07. Found it by wiggling connections. Ended up taking a little tinfoil to fix it....

Valve clearances and timing good ?

I do have an 04 here.

Yesterday before I posted I swapped.....



Coil cap


This morning I swapped the stator and it helped a tiny bit.

Found a burnt pin in the plug for the power side. Fixed it,

I put my stator, coil, CDI, rectafier on th 04 and it runs perfect "well it could use some tuining on the on carb" but it didn't miss a beet!

I think it is in the wiring harness!:thumbsup:

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