1998 yz400 headlight wiring issue!

I have a 98 yz400/426f that is plated in CA. The rear brake & running light are working but not the headlight. No battery, runs off the stator. It's obvious a couple of wires are disconnected and I need to get it working for a partial night ride next week. All power is solely coming off of the yellow stator wire and is split to go to the rear brake/running light, to the headlight switch/control, and also to a silver box that says 12v something or other that probably disperses the unused energy when not in use.

Does anyone have a crude diagram that would help me get the headlight working? I see that the headlight has 2 beams but the switch is just an on/off type.

What's the easiest way to get this working. I know it would be easier with a connector but I just bought the bike a few weeks ago and don't know what kind of stator is installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is one of 2 existing issues.

I am looking into getting a Baja Designs kit for my 99 yz400 and I called them directly. They said I would absolutely need a different stator as the stock one only supplies enough current for the ignition system.

He told me I could buy a stock wr400 stator, cdi and flywheel and that puts out 85 watts which he said was enough to run his kit.

I've seen aftermarket stators on ebay with the "yellow" wire I dont know if the wr400 stator has a yellow lead like that.

If your headlight doesn't work at all check ground wires and of course make sure your bulb is still good. Use a light tester to see if you're getting power to the plug that the bulb plugs into.

You wont need the CDI form the WR only the stator and flywheel.

He told me I could buy a stock wr400 stator, cdi and flywheel and that puts out 85 watts which he said was enough to run his kit.

If you are buying stock, pick up a 2000+ WR400/426 stator. It puts out 120 watts. Probably costs the same too.

Thanks for the tips. The bike has a stator and I'm getting 12v. The tail light is working, actually I set it up as a brake light for now. I need to change it out for a tail light / brake light combo it's currently either-or. I keep popping bulbs on the headlight though and can't figure that out. I should probably put a fuse in-line instead of killing bulbs til I figuer out why it's blowing bulbs. I'll have to take a couple of pictures to better explain how it's wired which would help someone diagnose my problems. I'll try to repost that this weekend which will help me finally get this resolved.

I used the 2000+ WR stator & flywheel to power my BD 8'' light and couldn't be happier, the advantage of a heavier flywheel is a bonus. Just swapped it out of my clapped out, Baja beat, 2000 426 to my low hour '99 YZ 400.

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