Probably Buying a 98 WR400 tomorrow

Hi all,

I found a super clean 98 WR400 I plan to get tomorrow. It is owned by an old man who has had it from new and by the looks has putted it around. I have owned an 01 YZ426 and an 02 WR426. Should I expect any significant differences or be looking for any specific trouble areas?


I like seeing if it starts cold. And then after warming it up good and nice, see if it starts hot. Cosmetically it's clean: pop the seat and inspect the air filter.

From my research when I was looking the WR400 can be a bear to start compared to the 426 and especially the 450's. But they were solid with no known issues other than a crappy carb which can be swapped to a later model fairly easily.

That's what I remember. As always, YMMV. when I look at a bike the 2 things I look and ask about are chain and sprockets and air filter. If either are shot, without a good explanation be weary. I also ask about oil, had a farmer who had the most beautiful Triumph Bonneville my dad was looking at in the mid 80's. Nicely priced, very, very clean but when we pulled the dipstick the oil was black and disgusting looking. Turns out he poured whatever he had laying around: old gear oil, hydraulic fluid, oils motor oil out of the tractors, thread cutting oil. My dad peered in the engine case with a flashlight and everything was toast and covered with grit and shavings. And the "air filter" on another old 72 Yamaha XS 650 hr bought and never checked was paper towels. Yup, he cut off the elements and wrapped folded paper towels around the cage.

Needless to say while I grew up with a 19 vintage motorcycle collection we never had a Triumph.

Thanks for the input guys.

So, I have seen some comments about broken carb parts, like the slides. The FAQ calls the slide thing minor, but I see a decent number of posts. What's the story there? Is a carb swap pretty much a necessity if I get this thing? I am already pushing it in the budget department with the wife :thumbsup:

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I wouldn't worry about the carb. Just run it and if there's a problem, fix it. Look into the cam swap, it is for real and makes a huge difference in starting the beastie.

I picked it up!It is awesome. Reminds me of the good ol decompressor days, started cold first kick and runs like a champ.

Congrats on the new bike, post pics when you get a chance.

Here she is. I am already starting on my list of goodies for her.



wow that bike looks mint, have fun on it.

Ive ridden the yz400f back when it was new, I dont recal any major issues. But an old man with stock levers , the bike probably still has cross hairs in the cylinder. I say your getting a Cherry. Power was pretty solid and broad. I was riding a cr 500 at the time, I thought the 400 was a fun bike, and I rode it on a supercross track.


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