Well the AZOTMX International round is now in the books and it was quite a weekend, to say the least. Riders from as far away as Wyoming, Canada, Oregon, California etc. came to battle Arizona’s best old guys. These guys are hardcore to travel that far and I met this one couple (HOT looking wife) who had some cool dogs who had traveled from Wyoming. I asked them “how many Int. races do you attend?” He replied “as many as I can”.

(Turned out this rider ex-pro Mark Franklin #11 was the fastest rider of the weekend and he battles with the likes of Eric McKenna and Alex Jorgenson. He is from the Rocky Mountain Chapter.)

Three 22-min motos on Sat in 85-deg sunny weather and two more on Sunday and it was even hotter yet. The track turned to concrete by noon on both days, but hey this is Motocross and to quote the Man R.D. in his thick Belgium accent. “A gooood rider will be able to adapt to all riding conditions, that is why I always did well in the mud, cuz everybody hated it...”

My moto scores were like this (1 1 1 6 2) in the Master B class.

First Moto: all the Master Aand B and Master 50 riders lined up. I got a so-so start but managed a 2nd place on the 1st lap of 12. Doug Goodman who is a jumper from hell overshot the 120 Death Pit and could not slowdown for the impending corner. I inherited the lead and told myself to keep a good steady pace. There was only one problem Mark and his big 426 were sticking a wheel every chance he could. :) It took everything I had to hold him off and I could see Doug catching us. I knew both these guys were in the A class, and I was using some territorial tactics so Doug could go after Mark. I’m thinking “man this is the first moto, it’s gonna be a long weekend, maybe I better back off cuz I was riding as fast as I could and I didn’t know how long I could keep this wicked pace up”. Franklin finally got by on the 5th lap and I promptly moved over and waved my buddy Doug bye and yelled “GO GET HIM!!!” (Nobody did all weekend)

By this time we had gapped the field big time and I was able to cruise the rest of the way with the 2nd place rider (my good friend Mark Anderson) in the B class nowhere in sight.

Second Moto: At the gate, I chatted with Franklin about the fun dice and he commented “man you threw so many rocks at me that it broke my chest protector!” His wife chimed in “yea and you should see the welts!!!” :D Needless to say he holeshot ALL the remaining motos as he did not want any part of the new 120x19 739 Dunlop I had mounted (which turned out to be a mistake). The two A riders got away and I ran my own race with 2nd place Mark A ½ lap down with a hand problem.

Third Moto: I gave it 100% and hung with Goodman for about four laps at a fast pace, until I clicked her down and settled for victory in the B class.

Come Sunday I find out that they are combining the two days and I’m feeling pretty confident.

First moto: Franklin holeshots again and the track is much better and I decide to try to hang with the fast outa-towner. Did this for four or five laps until I decided “this guy is not gonna slow down so I did!” Had another big lead on Mark A and the white flag comes out, I’m going though the nasty whoops and it HAPPENED!!!!! My freeaken chain snapped!!!!! From victory to DNF!! Ugh!!! :D

Push the bike through the pits and Mark A who just won helps me with chain parts and a chain breaker (which I broke) to help me out. Little did I know that the International rules DOUBLES your points for as DNF. I went from a 2 to a 6 in that critical 4th moto!!!

Final Moto: Frankin was gone and Mark A was ahead of me, and after he so graciously helped me, I thought I would have some fun and battle with my bud (little did I know)…

Come over the tower triple and there’s Franklin frantically trying to start his bike! I instantly put a blockpass on Mark A and went from third to first in one fell swoop!! Yehaaaa! :D Anderson had a better line through the whoops so what did I do I moved over like a fool, thinking I can pass him back, only one small problem the white flag comes out and Mark is riding like a madman to keep me behind him and he did! Believe it or not I was happy for him as up until that point he was having a tough weekend.

I was sure I had still won the O/A until Mark A had the 1st place trophy on his trailer!!!

Oh well I can laugh now, but it’s like in football and one team is totally dominating the game and someone like Doug Flutie throws a desperation Hail Mary into the endzone and they win!

Yogi Berra hit it right on: “It ain’t over till it’s over and the fat lady sings”.

All in all it was still a lot of fun and I'm still in one piece so all is good.


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OK G-man, why was mounting the 120 size tire a mistake? I've just mounted a Bridgestone M78 120 size tire (still hard to find in stock) on my 426.


Holeshot's Page


Sorry I could not make the race. It sounded like a good dice and I may (maybe not!!) have been able to be there dicing with you.

The Mark A. you are talking about...is that the same Mark A. from So. Cal.?? If it is, Mark and I go back along way.

The track conditions may have been sub-par but everybody has to race the same track.

What is the deal with the 120 tire?? Does not sound like you were to happy with the choice.

Hopefully we'll get to meet each other at one of the international races soon.


Yeah, I'm also wondering if it is the same Mark Anderson from SoCal. He still goes fast and would probably be a Master A.


I'm glad to hear from someone else that even though the conditions weren't the best you and others still had a great time. :)

We also enjoyed meeting people from other states, and had a great time camping, although Saturday night was a little rough because some crazy hippy guy kept blasting his stereo out of some kind of cult van, it was real loud and then he started some kind of mosh pit, playing devil music and such !!

Anyway we had a great time and we plan to attend some of the other Inter's, Mammoth sounds real good.

Originally posted by Maicoman:


I'm glad to hear from someone else that even though the conditions weren't the best you and others still had a great time. :D

Hey like the ol fishing saying.... "My worst time racing is still better then my best day working!!" :D But seeing how I'm laid off from Motorola (those bastards!!) :) anybody got any connections on jobs? You can e-mail me and I will send my resume.

MaicoMan your letting out all my secrets :D regarding the loud music at night!!! You shoulda seen how much the 60+ guys enjoyed it! LOL And it wasn't devil music, I broke them in hard, then settled in with some ol classic Blues....

Music with SOUL bruda!!!

Yea I would like to meet some more of you guys I will come out for the Glen Helen National day and race am day. It's a blast everyone should plan it!!!

Regarding the 120, I weighed them side by side (slightly worn 110 739) and the 120 weighed 3.5lbs more!!!!

Plus it's 1/2 in taller or so and with my 20 in made the bike less stable at speed.


G, how many times have I told you - NO MORE MOSH PITS! You're going to hurt yourself young man!!! You should also consider abandoning the alternative lifestyle stuff - put your pants back on. :)

What about the GH National? Are you referring to the Outdoor MX National on Mother's Day? And what about the race am day, what/when is this? Can we ride there?


We went to the '97 National and spent the weekend in a motorhome on pit row and it was GREAT !!!

Maybe we can get all us oldtimers in on some kind of group package ???

I still like the thought of Paul's , for a Washougal trip :)

Washougal, Washougal, Washougal - pardon my chanting.

Washougal, Washougal, Washougal...

Yeah guy's Come on up to Washougal ! You can enter the 40+Am Nats. on Sat. watch the Pro's on Sunday camp for the week at one of the most beautiful track you'll ever see then race the Oldtimers the following weekend. Doesn't that sound like the perfect vacation. Oh washougal has a new web page up it shows an aerial view of the track. www.washougalmx.com



Cool arial pic of the facility. Picked up some entry forms from the Oregon OTMX international at Washougal from a guy named Mike (last name started with a P) at our race last weekend. Doubt I'll make the national but we are trying to put a plan together for the OROTMX international race the weekend after the national. Are you in the OR OT club? What can we expect the conditions to be like in Aug - weather/track?

The guy you got the flyers from was our Oregon prez. Mike Perry. Yes I'm an Oregon OT member. The temp should be in the mid to upper 80's 90's ? but this is Oregon and there's always a threat of rain but highly unlikely. The track is really safe but fast no SX stuff, you do have the big uphill & down but it's a blast, there is along pro style whoop section but im sure they'll tone it down for us. They mix alot of sawdust in the dirt so it hold moisture pretty good (clay base)but can get some shiny spots, int. to soft tires will do. It can get dusty but they stay on top of the dust pretty good. That picture was taken at last years Nationals at the same time of year so you can get an idea what condition the track will be in. It should be a blast there this year.


That's the name Mike Perry, couldn't remember Mike's last name - thanks. The pic of the track looks great but it was for the national - best case. Anyway, I'm sure it will be in better condition than any track in AZ in August. :)

I like the sawdust idea and the no SX layout. Sure hope we can pull off the trip north! Might need to rent a pick up, guess I can get one at PDX.

Originally posted by Maicoman:


We went to the '97 National and spent the weekend in a motorhome on pit row and it was GREAT !!!

Maybe we can get all us oldtimers in on some kind of group package ???

I still like the thought of Paul's , for a Washougal trip :)

I've been doing both for yrs. I bring my bike out and race am day on Sat. at Glen Helen. Then watch the most awesome downhill in MX "Mt. St. Helens". For Washougal I fly up and race my cousin's bike ala "Factory Rider".

Let's do it!!


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