XR650 Servicing

I am currently looking for a XR650 to supermoto for road use. Can anyone help me with regards to specified service intervals (oil / filter etc) and intervals on valve clearances? Also can anyone tell me if the valve clearances are adjusted by shims or just normal nut and bolt type. I currently have a KTM450 which maintenance wise is very labour intensive but thats OK as I only use it for enduro's etc, but I want something which will be a little less hassle for a road going (odd track day) supermoto. Any help would be appreciated.

Wheeliecrazy, I try to change my oil every 500mi. w/ filter, valve clearances are screw type. The visordown supermoto forum has lots of good suggestions as well as the xr650 yahoo group-good luck

the honda manual calls out a 600 mile intervel between valve adjustments...you can go 1000 and be fine but that is what the manual calls for. the oil, is up to you since it depends on the riding conditions (dirt, operating temperatures and your mood :))

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