woodruff key failure- starter clutch failure

After having read as many threads on this topic as possible I am beginning to think that the problems with my starter clutch(failed 2times in 2400km)are the result of an attempt by yam to prevent woodruff key faiures,

apparently part of the yam woodruff fix is installing a gear set (inc starter clutch) that has higher clearances resulting in a one way clutch that slips with less load.

my bike had the locite-woodruff- treatment, and a full set of e-starter gears after the first starter clutch failure.

the starter cltuch failed again 2weeks ago, parts are unavaliable atleast till the end of aug.

Interesting, have a freind who has a new YZ450 and his kickstarter assy inside broke, it was 1 week out of warranty, but they covered it. His clutch is shot now, but I think that was a result of his riding habits

Not sure if my problem was the same one you had but here’s what happened. Strange noises coming out of the flywheel cover when starting the bike. This was over the course of a weekend. Sunday morning the motor locked up while trying to start it. I have had it in twice for the flywheel fix. First time it broke the woodruff key the second time it bent it enough to not start. With it having broken twice I took it straight to my dealer. They called me and informed me that the bolt or bolts going through the flywheel into the starter gear had backed out and ground up the coil and chewed up $350.00 worth of parts :). I told them to call Yamaha NOW! :D As I was very upset, having switched form a KTM520 that I was very happy with but felt that I needed to try something new. The dealer was quick to point out that they had not removed these bolts when they did the flywheel fix. I, myself have not looked that closely at the relationship of these bolts and the flywheel but friends that have tell me you do have to remove these bolts. They said Yamaha was quick to approve the warranty request. It must be more common than they would like to admit. If my suspensions are correct it could be a mistake made by several dealers when they performed the flywheel update! How many guys have had this happen to them???????

G'day folks. Talk to an honest Yam dealer and they will admit it is happening all over the place. No one seems to be able to give a straight answer as to why the keys keep breaking, but we have seen three in two days at our shop. Hope i can pass on a reason soon.

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