Wr400 ais?

It doesn't appear to be an AIS since there is no connection to the exhaust, but what is the diaphragm on the side of the WR400 carb? I see it ties into the hot start. Just curious since I will pull anything off a bike that has to do with emissions nonsense.....

AIS is 05 or 06 and up 450's

Why are you in such a hurry to pull emissions stuff off? Does it hurt anything to leave stuff on? Just saying, pulling something off for no reason is kinda stupid. The AIS on the later model bikes does nothing for performance one way or another and weighs less than a big crap. Most people who remove it do it to help stop popping under deceleration which it does help and engine access.

Anyway, the area where you are talking about sounds like the accelerator pump (??? brain fart right now) that shoots a squirt of fuel under quick acceleration to give you that snap. Don't remove it, but read the Stickys if it seems out if adjustment.

Not trying to bash you on the emissions stuff, but jeez, don't pull something off simply because it's govt mandated.....whether you believe it or not doing whatever we can to help cut down emissions is a good thing. To a point.


No emissions, just part of the hot start.

Thanks Kawidad for the info.

Mike, I have owned many bikes and have pulled the emissions off every bike that ever had any. It seems pointless to have some big smog pump hanging off the side when it doesnt do anything other than allow California riders to get a Green Sticker. Who will then go and uncork it anyway (I was that guy too). If it is unnecessary and gets in the way of me working on something that actually makes my bike function (or function correctly), I have no problem removing it. The accelerator pump is on the bottom. I appreciate your emissions opinion but I personally like to "clean" up what I can. All the other FCR bikes I have owned were newer and I never have seen this type of hotstart. Not looking to start an emissions debate, just looking for some info I didnt see in the manual.

Thanks again for the input guys.

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