husaberg 470

saw a husaberg 470 at the track today,,,and i gotta say i was mighty impressed.

it looked very light, hydraulic clutch large blobs of power,, dual stage ignition,,,looked a real nice bit of kit,,, only things i didnt like was the left hand kick starter and the fact it hasnt got a removable subframe,,,anyone have any experiance of these things?



"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

I’ve been eyeing these things closely ever since the 2000 models came out, but I’ve never ridden one. Recently I’ve kind of cooled on them however; I’ve been hearing some complaints on this ‘Berg message board I found:

Apparently the e-start doesn’t, and the idler gear can get chewed up and ruin the clutch and cases. Another guy had the kick starter shaft snap on his 550.

But apparently the 550 makes 54 hp or so at the rear wheel. Huh?!? They also make a 650 in off-road and enduro versions, both e-start (the 650 seems to enjoy the bulk of the starter snafus). It may well be the fastest dirt bike on the planet (if you can start it that is), which is a scary thought when you consider it is probably the lightest e-start dirt bike on the planet as well (I was told they are several pounds lighter than the 520 MXC).

I think they look cool too, but given the small number of bikes they sell, and the fact that I’ve already heard of several problems with the ‘01s, which have only been here for two months, I’m too scared to buy one. The motor was totally redesigned for ’01 and bears little resemblance to the ’00, so maybe next year they’ll rectify the problems with the starting system(s). But by then the new Yamaha will be out, which will hopefully make me glad I waited…

As for the subframe, I’m sure the shock comes right out of there like a PDS KTM (two bolts and 30 seconds later…), plus the airbox is under the seat instead of between the subframe rails, the seat comes off in one second without tools. I kick started a used ’00 501 in the parking lot of Premier motorsports and, while the high-and-on-left lever was very weird it fired up almost as easy as my buddy’s 400 EXC.

These guys definitely know how to design a world-beater, and the bike is jam-packed with great innovations (counter-rotating camshaft, integral cylinder/cases), but unfortunately they can’t afford to thoroughly test the things before they sell them like the big four are able to do.

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