WR450 Tall Seat Foam

Looks like Guts Racing is still the only company so far that makes tall seat foam for the WR's. Does anyone know of a tall "complete" seat assembly for the WR450 without having to do the YZ mod? Any recommendations or advice would be great.


I've talked with SDG and they claim they are tooling up to make a seat for the WR450 but it will be 90 days or more. Others have posted in this forum that SDG wasn't going to make the seat at all. Doing the YZ mod just to get the taller seat doesn't seem worth it to me. I went with Guts tall foam with a Guts cover. It's not the quick bolt unit that SDG offers on other bikes, but I didn't want to wait on something that may not ever be manufactured. Good Luck!

I just put tall foam on my WR450 last week. I think it was from Ceet, I hate it. It's way to soft. Hopefully Guts will come through with something firmer. In the mean time, I think I'll try to build up the stock foam.

I just ordered the Guts tall soft foam and Gripper cover directly from Guts. Will post my thoughts on it after I install it and go for a ride :):D.

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