YZ450f Year Model Identification?

How does one identify the year model on a supposed 2007 YZ450f?

All I see is the serial number on the head tube and on the subframe, but I can't make heads or tales out of the letters or numbers? :thumbsup:

I remember back in the day, the year model was displayed in large, readable numbers... like Honda still does - "year model 2007" on the head tube!

Also, the manual I received with the bike says copyright 2006, 1st edition July 2006? I checked on line and it appears as though the manual is correct and July 2006 would make sense since you wouldn't wait until late 2006 for a 2006 manual! I am aware that bike models are always way ahead of the actual year.

Thanks guys...

Usually anything past the 6th month is considered the next model year.

IIRC i think the 8th number in the vin is the year

I was told once that its the 8th number back from the end.

The TENTH character in the VIN is the year model ID. For an '07, it would be a "7", an '08 would be an "8".

Yes, 10th. On a related note there was a used Yamaha seller in the UK passing off an older Yamaha as a newer one based on the date is was registered. This seller took advantage of the VIN uneducated and would sell a 2002 as a 2005!

"Hmmm, the paperwork says it's an 05 so I will pay 05 prices." I've had to tell a few of them their bike was actually much older and the reaction is what you'd expect based on deceit and monetary scam.

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