Yeah i finally smashed in my right side radiator on my 01 wr426. Dealership wants $260 for one. Been searching around for somewhere cheaper, wondering if anyone knows of any good deals? Thanks Dan

Mylers in Utah. He's very good. He'll turn it around in a day, and have it back to you in 2-3 days (however you want it shipped) Mine was destroyed, and he fixed it for $65. Sounds to good to be true, but it ain't.

Just send it to Myler's as everyone here has already suggested. He lives about 30 minutes from my house so when I smashed my throttle-side radiator I had the opportunity to meet him. He fixed my radiator in 20 minutes, and it is as good as new. Mine wasn't just smashed either. It was jacked out of square and twisted as well. He completely straightened it. BTW, if you want more testimonials, just search the forums and you will see many good comments.

He's a great guy and he rides too. You won't be sorry for sending it to him. :)

Ditto on Mylers.

Mine was twisted, smashed from the side and the outlet pipe at the bottom was crushed into a C shape. Cost me $100. ($15 for the leak repair, $35 for the straightening, $25 for overnight shipping each way :D). If I would have been more patient and shipped it ground, I could have had it all done for about $65. I shipped it out on a Wednesday and got it back on Friday afternoon. Great turnaround! :)

Suzuki quoted me with $289 plus a 10 day wait for a new one.

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