What should i do to my bike?

I'm bored and want to work on my bike. It's clean and i have no parts to put on, nothing to repair, and $10. Any ideas as to what i should do to keep myself enterteined? bill804

push ups

It will help you go way faster than cleaning your hubs in a few months

I'm looking for something FUN, not WORK haha

Hustler magazine? worked for me at 19.

Ride it.

Hustler magazine? worked for me at 19.

This will also help with arm pump if you switch hands every now and then :thumbsup:

go to walmart, get a can of the spray on 'anodizing' and use it on various parts that you would like to look cool. i used it on a few different parts such as clutch perches and such. looks pretty sweet but do occasionally have to touch it up. otherwise GO RIDE and spend the 10 bucks on gas or oil or a clean filter

I wouldve rode but the grass is really soft from all the rain and i didnt feel like getting bi*ched at for tearing it all up. I ended up cutting 3/4" off each end of my bars. Much better now. I think they were someting like 31" wide b4 i cut them.

Grease her up! head, linkage, swingarm, etc. Then check the valves and ride :thumbsup:

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