Factory Suspension Settings

Decided to adjust the settings on my forks yesterday, started by running the clickers all the way in to get a starting point.

They were all screwed up! Rebound was supposed to be 10 clicks out, was 9 clicks out both sides. Compression was supposed to be 12 clicks out, but was 11 clicks out on one side and 6 clicks out on the other!

In the end, I set everything 2 clicks softer than stock, 12 clicks on top and 14 on the bottom---much better right off the bat! Front end feel more planted and less inclined to slide out.

Bottom line, even if you don't want to mess with factory settings, you should check to make sure they are right. I am sure with a 5 click difference in my compression damping, my front end was not working anyway near how it is supposed too!

How do you know what the stock settings are? I looked but could not find them in the manual. I set all my stuff to the center of the range, it works good for me but the front feels harsh and unpredictable in faster conditions with rocks, the bike feels better when the air preasure in the front tire is low but its to low to ride in the rocks, I need to soften up the high speed I think.

Settings are in the manual, in the section regarding setting up your suspension. Pages 3-38, 3-39 in my book (02wr426).

Your complaints sound just like mine, and softening the front, especially compression (bottom adjusters) really helped.

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