K and N filter with a filter skin

Ok I did some research and found out that K and N makes a filter for the WR/YZF 426 2002 in my case. The part number is YA-4098. I am in the Dragracing business and can tell you first hand that a K and N filter will flow more air and make more horse power than any other filter on the market. However I have read alot of posts on this site that say they will plug up on dusty trailes. I would say that you are right. However I did find out that a company makes a water repelent filter skin of sorts for this filter. Part number WR 22-185-3 and to order on the phone number is

1-800-967-3450. What does evey one think about this???

I think paper element air filters are best left on the street. I agree with you on how good they flow. I use them on all my on-road vehicles.

I think foam is much better suited for off-road. I use the filterskinz on my foam filters. Just started doing that and it works pretty good. :)

I run the 426 K&N on my 450 dirttracker. We run alot of cushion limestone tracks, about the nastiest stuff you will ride in, with no problems at all. I dynoed my 450 AFTER a limestone race where the filter looked all but plugged, with NO drop in HP!! My opinion is the K&N will outperform ANY foam filter any time! Tryce

i believe k&n also sell what is called a pre-charger that basically covers the filter in the same manner as a regular filterskin on a foam filter :)

I run a k and n on my 426, and i have no problems, just clean it every couple of rides and u'll be all set. and i do ride in nasty dusty sand pits most of the time

I have always heard people say the K and N filters are not good for dirt use. Do you guys find this to be true on your dirt track bike? Any evidence of junk getting through the filter?

Rcannon, let me tell you my knowledge of the K and N company. As I stated before I am a serious drag racer, as a matter of fact I have been offered a job by the Jegs mail order prostock team. This team was the NHRA pro stock World champions last year. My best friend is the Crew chief on this team. In any event I talked to David Vizard (I think that is how his name is spelled) a highly recognized name in the High performance world who specializes in induction. This man talked to me for at least two hours about K and N filters. Just to share the stories that he told me. He was telling me that he was working with someone on there induction on there race car (including the air filters) racing in the Baja 500 or 1000 or however many miles that race is. At the end of the race he carfully took off the K and N filters and strung them in suspention in a box so that no dirt would come off the filter. Did I mention that he said this filter had a ton of silt covering it. I remember this story because he carried this box carfully on the plane and the airlines were very concerned as to what was in this box. He took the filters back home to his shop and put them on the flow bench and the results were as follows. The K and N filter still flowed more air than a brand new paper filter even though the K and N was cover with silt. I was very impressed with this story.

Part two- As to how the K and N filter filters? Yes there are hole that you can see threw on this filter. David Vizard explained that this filter works by actually sweeping the air. What I mean by this is that there a oiled fibers that sweep the air as it passes threw that filter. This according to David Vizard is why K and N can get away with the a filter that you can nearly see through. In all cases he told me that so long as the K and N filter is the right size for the application you will not notice a decrease in horse power. He told me that this in not true with any other filter. Now I will admit that we did not talk about oiled foam filters.

As to what I am going to do is buy a K and N and use there "outer wear" (Filter Skin) on my bike. I cleaned my Foam filter the other day and put it back on and started the bike with out the seat on it. I reved the bike a few times and noticed the filter really impoding on itself. I can't get that out of my mind as to how restictive that foam filter is. Now I will admit that it is a stock filter.

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