Elsinore Grand Prix

Does anyone know where I can find some info on the race this year. I think it happens in early Nov. On-line reg. or just any detail, I want to ride it this year. Watched this race in the late 60's and 70's with my dad and would love to take part.

Hi Cody,

I searched for a while and can't find anything on this year's EGP. I did find last years entry form. EPG

Maybe you could use the contact number to get more info. I don't think anyone has posted the info yet.


Check the ama dist 38 web site


nothing there use the contacts ask them

When I went a couple years back, I was able to get a little info at www.goateyewear.com

try that and see what you come up with :)

BINGO! that's the site..... You are the man! The Milkman :)

No prob cody. Have fun, be safe, and I'll be thinking about you guys come race day.

Its way to far for us to go every year but it was well worth the trip.

I'll be back someday! :D

If you want to see them, heres a few pics from when I went in 01.

Scroll down and you will see the link. :)

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