streeting wr426

i just bought a 2002 wr426 yesterday. it has a street title, but i bought it from new hampshire and i live in MASS, so i will need to pass an inspection that is far more strict. it requires hi/low beam headlight, blinkers, horn, brakelight, the whole lot. where do i start? what is the easiest way to get all this?


While I've not done it yet I've been doing a bit of research into rounding out the street legal stuff. Also, this is all referencing my 2004 WR450F, however your needs should be similar.

The tail light uses a two way bulb so it was a simple matter of tapping power from the taillight circuit, running it through a pressure switch on the rear brake and back to the high side of the bulb. I'm looking into adding a pressure switch to the front somehow.

The headlight, just like the rear, uses a hi/low beam bulb. While I'm sure the housing isn't designed for high beam use it should pass inspection and give you an option if your low beam blows like mine did. The headlight is a regular H4 (IIRC) that has two way capability. Go to a parts store and get a pigtail for it that has both wires since my factory pigtail didn't. Just wire it in, however don't run both at once, the ground can't handle that much load. We'll cover the switch in a minute.

For turnsignals just get some flush mounts off ebay. I found some for $12 a pair that are LEDs and look fine to me. I was going to attach them to my rear side covers and to the sides of the headlight however local laws vary. Haven't figured the flasher out yet. Use bullet connectors for easy removal/replacement.

The horn is one I haven't figured out yet but I also haven't looked. A good one won't cost much and sometimes even comes with a bracket, all you have to do is find a bolt, I was going to try the bolt on the sides of my gas tank.

Highway dirt bikes (I can't remember if we can post up about other stores, hope it's OK.) has a nifty switch that has horn, turn signal and high/low beam all in one universal unit. Would be a real easy way to tie it all together.

Post #2 is mostly correct. You also will most likely need a control switch.

Easy way is to get the Tusk kit for 180.00 or so and wire it into your existing headlight with an aftermarket connector (they are just a few bucks).

You can homebrew it, but you need some type of control switch (about 30 bucks) and some way to controwl the turn signals as well as a LED flasher if you use those.

This is a good thread with a bunch of info.

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