Riding near Fort Bragg, NC


If anyone is interested we're riding behind the Food Lion off 87 on Monday 11/14. Send me a PM if you wanna join us.

Brogers93....Uwharrie Nat'l Forest is a great place. Lots of trails some tech, some easy. Take your kids, just pay attention to the difficulty of the trails. Some are really rocky, not great terrain to take a tumble. However there are alot of them and challenging. You'll have to Google the link and find out where to by a day or season pass. It is about an hour from Bragg to the West. I am currently at Ft Dix, NJ, cant wait to go back there just so I can ride there. Some really technical stuff if you like some hard trails as well.

I thought uwharrie sucked, it's 100 % jeep trails, and nothing but rocks

Nah, I don't think so. There are some descent trail systems. Some are Rocky, but not all. Alot of varied terrain. I hate the sand, which is hard to miss anywhere around Ft Bragg. All trails are geared towards jeeps, which make them wide, but certainly not all rocky, and its good packed dirt; no sand! I think you will like them. Jeeps cannot go fast on the trails either, so you never get blindsided by an out of control OHV. The jeeps all creep. There are a few hills that are extremely difficult for bikes, if you think of yourself as a good harescrambler, they will definately challenge you. Alot of elevation changes as well. It will take you a couple visits to learn your way around there, it is easy to get lost. All trails connect to access roads though. If you have Google Earth, I mapped an overlay that is half complete. It will show you the layout . If your interested, let me know. I'll send you the KMZ file. I think it is certainly worth the drive over there. If you go though, go with a group of guys before you take your kids. If your kids learn to ride there, I think they will be better riders. I took a friend on a YZ 125...he struggled. I was a 39 y.o. He was a twentysomething y.o. stud who Motorcrossed. He told me how good he was, I rode circles around him. He said GA "doesnt have anything like this" He had a blast, just wrong type of bike. Its for thumpers more than anything else. Unless you have MX guy who is talented, a 2 stroker will struggle unless they rider is skilled. If the 2 stroke is a 250cc...they will probably do better with lugging ability.

I can assure you, I do not like them, I went once and I dont think I will go back

Just found this thread, i live right down the road from that food lion. Anyone interested in riding? Either on or off road. I ride the trail's around here all the time and have never had a problem with the law.

we did 60+ miles of jeep trail saturday, across bragg to pinehurst, had 4 bikes in the group

there's more behind the new food lion, I checked it out last week, there's probably 500 acres of trails at least

Id love to ride with Yall. I live up in Holly Springs, not too far away. Im relatively new to Dirt Bikes, but Im sure I wont slow you down too much....

I have a "mandatory" ride tomorrow for work :cry:, I think it's going to be an all day event. There's about 12 of us heading out at 7a.m. Are any of you guy's on the North carolina supermoto group on facebook? I would love to get together with somebody.. anybody and do some riding! I've been riding around down here (Fort bragg area) since last July but unfortunately have yet to meet up with anyone that doesn't either have a crusier or sport bike.

I try to stay off the street, wrecks the knobbies

Hey, a heads up @ur2silly and anyone else that goes behind that food lion off 87.. I got the cops called on me and a friend for riding back there.. The guy that owns Cagle furniture mr cagle lied to the police and said we were riding crazy and we tried to run him over and we threatened his life.. He's a giant douchebag to say the least.. But he said he owns all that property including the food lion so just be careful of you go out there.. I wouldn't recommend it during the week that's how we got in trouble, during the weekend we had no problems and it was good riding back there.. Just watch out for the logging trucks.. And that douche Cagle..

what did the cops do? I ride back there quite a bit, along with all the locals, cagle owns property all over the place

@mrblahh they did nothing, took down our names made some threats that we could go to jail and let us go.. It's up to the property owner to post no tresspassing signs to keep people out. I don't think he had anything he could do he was just trying to scare us off.. I plan on going back, just won't be leaving my truck there.. Is there a good place to leave your vehicle and still have access to all that unused riding area out there?

I know I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I live literally .5 mile down the street from the Food Lion. I didn't realize there were that many trails back there! There are a lot of smaller construction trails around here but I didn't realize they were that extensive back there. I'm not a great offroader and I get a little limited by the 50/50 tires on my DRZ. If anyone wants to ride together back there you can park at my house. I might even be able to figure out how to get there from the house without hitting 87 if you're not street legal.

EDIT: Just going by Google Maps, it looks like one of the construction roads behind my house does indeed connect to these trails. Can't check it out right now because I have a dead regulator and really don't want to get stranded. Once the part gets here I'll get back in there and try to map out some of it with a GPS app on my phone.

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I'm interested in riding back there I ride a atv if any one wants to get together and ride I'm looking for someone to ride with and some new places

my son and I are riding the bikes at cape fear tomorrow

Camp McCall down close to Scotland county is an okay place to ride at.. I've been going there for a couple years now just to tool around. Just don't let the guys see you or they'll tell you to leave and possibly write you a ticket. Ive Been looking for people to ride with! Just got into the dual sport seen.

Not sure if people still post to this but anyone want to get a big group of riders together soon? Let me know

I'm in....

I'm closer to the south end of fort Bragg

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