yz 450f bogging when landing

I have a 2008 yz 450f with a stock exhaust, getting ready to install a fmf powercore slip on. The bike is bogging when I'm about to land and crack the throttle on in right before the landing ramp, any suggestions. Is this a jetting issue, its getting hot down here in FL.

What is your jetting?

last weekend we were out playing and every whoop i'd hit or jump or anything that shook it up made it cut out like the choke was on. Try this, take that little breather thing out of the gas cap and do some jumps. I think its pressuresing the tank or something. I took it out rode it for a while and it was 100% fine. put it back and the bog came back. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to fix the issue. starting to get warm here too!

Check your gas cap by seeing that you can move air from the vent fitting down through the cap. You can also loosen the cap when the bog starts up and see if that makes it go away. It may be creating a vacuum in the tank.

Check you float level, too.

stock jetting, rode this bike all last summer in the FL heat and never had this issue, one of the first things I checked was that vent tube and it was clear, it only seems to do it when the bike gets hot ie.. 5th or 6th lap on a 3/4 mile mx track.

stock jetting, should I play with jets, also heard to do the AP O-Ring Mod???, do you know about that?

one of the first things I checked was that vent tube and it was clear,
I saw that. That's why I said check the cap, not the tube.

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