I am having a bit of a problem with my '01's rear suspension bottoming out landing even a small jump. I've set the spring height and stiffened the dampening and am now wondering if I need a new spring. What are the weight ranges for the different springs for riding semi-aggressively.

I am not small @ 6'5" and 235lbs. and have never tuned the suspension on a dirt bike before, in fact the '01 is my first ever so I am learning as I go. Any help would be appreciated.


I found the factory springs to be too soft and I'm 165lbs (without gear).

I now have the .47 on the front and 5.6 on the rear.

These are one up from factory, but they are also the maximum listed in the manual.

If you don't get some good inputs from the guys here, start calling some of the suspension shops. Opinions will vary, but at least it will get you headed in the right direction.

And if you haven't done so already, consider bottoming cones for the forks.


I am also of larger stature and have spoke with WB, Race Tech, and Pro Cuircit and they all said that at 6'2" and 230lbs my suspension was not working at all and that I needed springs at least. They said I was not getting any lift off the jumps because the suspension was already compressed. I am getting mine back in the morning and I went to a .47 in the front and a 6.0 in the rear along with revalving. We shall see when I ride it, but everyone I spoke with said I wont believe the differnce. Good Luck.

I am 6'3 and 235 so I had my suspension redone before I even rode the bike. I use RRP in Pennsylvania and they are the best. They sponsor four national riders with mid level national numbers and specialize in 426's. My springs are .48 in front with two stage valving, and the rear is a .64 with valving. They work great!! Check on the internet under Rossini Racing Products. He was Tim Ferry's mech for years and currently does all of Ty Wallace's 426's and does kevin Crines hondas.

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