Clutch Life (with Rekluse)


Just curious - for those of you with a Rekluse installed - how long is your clutch lasting?

I know this depends on quite a bit of different factors, but just trying to get a feel.



I just sold my Revloc equipped '04 KTM 540 EXC still with the original clutch plates at 14,000+ miles (640 hrs). All the plates were still perfectly flat and still looked perfect. The metal plates were like new and all but two of the fiber plates still measured out at 1.95+ mm. I replaced two of the fiber plates that were almost down to the 1.90 mm minimum thickness.

09 with over 400 hours and original clutch. This is with the Rekluse Pro

08 yz450f with 120hrs (:ride:z-start pro), mostly desret hare scrambles in Az. 0 problems so far.

I have the EXP Core and the rep said it can actually extend the life of your clutch, I'll find out I have about 35 hrs on it now with no problems.

I have a 04' yz450 w/ the original z-start. I installed it w/ a GYTR clutch pack

around 4-5 years ago. I've adjusted it about 4 times since new w/ the .055 rekluse

plates. I ride really technical single track & it finally had enough the other weekend

when we got stuck in slow uphill snow covered crap........Awesome clutch.....They take

LOADS of abuse. I asked a guy @ Rekluse the other day how many times adjusting the

clutch stack before replacing the frictions & he had no clue....You have to measure the frictions & keep 'em in spec. A little more maintenance than stock, but I know you couldn't do the trails I do w/ out the rekluse on a MX bike. Hope this helps.......

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