help!!!zip ty fuel screw on 99 wr 400 wont fit

im having trouble with my new zip ty fuel screw---it doesnt fit through the hole in the i have the wrong part? thanks in advance shane

come on guys i need some help---im leaving for colorado friday. im thinking about drilling out the hole---anyone seen this before????

None of the fuel screw threads fit through the hole in the float bowl, even the stock ones. You have to (carefully!) drill out the fuel screw shaft opening on the float bowl so it will be big enough to allow the threads to pass through. I wish I would have realized that fact before I installed the Kouba tool on my stock fuel screw. Now they have to come off as a set. I imagine that the Zip-Ty fuel screw already has a T-handle installed on it so you can't fit it through the opening without drilling. I'm surprised there are no instructions with it to tell you that.

I had to drill out the hole (bowl removed) and file the main jet access plug. Still bottoms on the plug at a half a turn out. Not a hard job, good luck. :)

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