2005 graphics

i am having a hell of a time with this. so all i have found is factory fx, fuel designs, and those ebay kits. i like the evo 7 graphics, but cannot for the life of me find any pictures with them mounted up on a wr of my style. i want to put a yz rear fender, and either a '07-'11 wr front or '10-'11 yz front. i am assuming i can order graphics kits for the '03-'05 yz450 if i find some and they will fit? are the side panels the same too? so if i get an entire bike kit for a yz, i would want to know the side panels and such are the same or am i going to have to mismatch stuff?

i really dig the look of the side panel backgrounds on this bike. anyone know who makes them?



next i would like to clean up the look of the fork guards regarding the odo cable. can i get 2006 wr fork guards to be able to rerout the odo cable inside the fork like the '06 does with the digital speedo it has?



vs. this


and the wheels and hubs on this bike. how do i achieve this look and what does it cost assuming i can get them coated? and who makes these backgrounds?


sorry for the newbness. my interweb google skills elude me. first yami and i am learning.

Here's a couple of shots of my 2004 that I built up last year with the EVO7 graphics kit. It didn't have any graphics for the sidecovers, but did have them for the airbox.

This bike has the later style WR front guard and headlight, and a YZ style rear guard (UFO brand) with an inbuilt taillight and numberplate extension.

I have since changed over to late model YZ forks and done away with the speedo cable by installing a Trailtech Vapor Stealth computer.

I can't help you with the supplier of the wheels or side cover graphics, but I agree that they do look good!



Whoops - I just checked my old order details and my graphics kit was actually an EVO6, not an EVO7.

Sorry for any confusion!

i thought they looked different. thought maybe it was just because it was an older wr and not the newer yz shown on the website.

no one else? :thumbsup:

If you want a complete mix and match kit with number plate backgrounds call one of the graphics places in the cycle magazines like ridepg.com or some other place and talk to them about a custom kit.

That is the only way I can see you getting what you want.

I bought graphics for my old '00 CR250 and XR650L off eBay from a place called West Coast Graphics that were pretty good. Don't know if they have any WR stuff.

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