Power Ranger Riding Gear?

Is there anyway to NOT look like a 40 year old Power Ranger when decked out in protective motocross gear?

Nope! :)

The guys who won't wear MX gear because they feel silly, usually end up being the funny looking ones. :D

Are you saying that Power Rangers aren't cool anymore?

There are plenty of pants that are solid in color and won't attract as much attention but then again you won't look as cool as a Power Ranger! :)

This was brought up a little while back..

Check out the MSR gold medal pant line. 1 solid color with a pocket on the front leg.

I got a pair and they have been great.


The MSR Gold pants are great, problem is they stopped making them this year. I ordered a pair, they were a little small so my son grabbed them. Tried to reorder a larger size and no go. Sure hope they come out with something similiar, and soon.

Man, thats a real bummer. :)

I guess I better take care of the pair I got eh?

I'm the blue power ranger but I forgot what my specail power is. Oh yeah thats right, 'to crash in a most spectacular way'.


Hey I need some of those special powers then maybe I would become a faster rider. I live in a small town and get made fun of all the time for wearing riding gear.

Can't say that I've been called a power ranger yet, that would likely scare a person.

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