checking valve clearances

im going to have a go at checking valve clearances on my 09 wr450 this weekend... ive read through all the steps in the manual and it all seems pretty straight forward.. just wondering if anyone has any little tips or tricks they would like to share with a first timer???


Make sure you remove your hot start cable, makes removing the valve cover much easier. This will be the crux, removing the valve cover, it's a tight fit. Tilt it to the front right corner for removal. It will fit with finesse, so don't force.

I make a drawing of the valves in there proper location inside the Yamaha manual, right down to three intakes and two exhausts. Then, whenever I pull those shim bucket's, I write down the shim size in the proper location in the manual. This way, I always know what shim I have where, without having to pull those cams. If one of the valve starts tightening up on it's clearances, I can just check inside the manual and see what shim I have on that valve. Then I check my extra's to see if I've got the right one to replace it. If I don't, then I'll have to order one, but the beauty is, I don't have the engine half torn apart while waiting on parts to be ordered. Maniac

cheers guys. not sure when im going to get around to doing this.. hopefully in the next week or two.

Ill let you know how i go once im done.

thanks again


Clean the bike real good, remove the tank and then clean it again before you remove the valve cover.

Once you get the valve cover off stuff some paper towels or something in the openings into the engine so that if you drop something it doesn't go way down in there. Also, when lifting off the cam caps (if you end up doing an adjustment) be really really careful to not drop the little race things that are under them into the engine. If the valves are in spec it's like a 30 min job.

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