SRC Foot Peg Shims

Hey All,

Just to report - I installed the SRC foot peg shims on my piglet and they fit nicely. They are eyelets with a flare that go over the bolts and take up the tolerance slack between the bolts and the right foot peg. They are pricey but should be worth it from . -----

XR-650R Foot Peg Bolt Shim Kit

The XR-650R is known for breaking the right foot peg bolts. Our analysis of the cause and cure are described in our technical bulletin on the subject. The simple solution, before premanent damage is done to the frame, are these simple to install shims that reduce clearance between the foot peg bracket holes and bolts.

XR-650R Foot Peg Bolt Shim Kit Part # 1686 Price $28.95

I'll have to check 'em out next we go ridin' Brudda! :)

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