Misfires at high revs

Today i started my XR65O to check before a Pismo run tomorrow. When I rev the throttle fully open the bike seems to splutter and misfire (the bike is stationary). At lower revs it runs perfectly and starts OK. When I rode it a month ago it ran fine. There is a tiny amount of smoke when it misfires.. Spark plug is fine not fuel problems and air filter is OK. Should I just ride the bike?? and is this normal?? My friends 600 exhibits a similar symptom. My bike is only 6months old and ridden 4 times

Does anyone have any ideas… This is the first time I’ve revved it this high and not been moving!!

A quick response would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah, my only question to you would be Why?? Why would you rev the engine fully open under no load?? My guess is that by revving it so hi, the valves are floating. Sorry man, but the engine was never designed to be run wide open in neutral under no load. You can be sure it's bad for it!!

If this post is a joke, then that's some funny stuff hahaahah! But honestly, I have never known anyone to rev the engine like that for no apparent reason. Or for any reason for that matter. It's not necessary for any purpose.

Like I said I’ve never done this before and god knows why I did it this time NOW I WON’T ... your explanation of no load makes sense...I'll see how it runs at Pismo Thanks

Mine exhibits those symptoms, while riding (never done the neutral thing). It's just at wide open. Local shop mechanic says he thinks there's a rev limiter. I haven't messed with it 'cuz I rarely tach that high in the tight woods I ride.

You cannot overrev the motor, there is a rev limiter that prevents that from happening. Put it in third gear the next time you go riding and hold it open, you'll find it.

I have noticed the same "missing" effect on mine when it is pegged open in a high gear but it is very infrequent. Anybody have any experiences with the after market rev limiter? The limiter will allow the bike to go from 8200 RPM to 9500. Will the higher RPMs hurt the bike? :)

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