Tire changing procedure?

Does anyone here have any tips on tire changing or is the procedure posted anywhere on the net? I just got a 756 in the mail yesterday and I would like to put it on tommorrow before I go riding. My local shop cant do it until next week, so I figured Id give it a shot. Thanks in advance for any info,


I haven't done it in awhile so I don't remember the exact procedure but I can give you a couple of over all tips. 1st off, don't be in a hurry, especially when putting the tire back on. It's real easy to pinch a tube and you won't know until you pump it up. Then it'll go flat and you get to do it again. Make sure to use tire irons not big screw drivers. After time the irons can get sharp spots on them which easily mark up your rims and can puncture tubes. Grind the ends round if this happens. Some people like to put a little air in the tube when putting on the final bead. This allows them to see the tube and kinda gives them a way to know they're not pinching it. Use soapy water around the bead when putting the new tire on. It can be frustrating but when you have to do it, you have to do it! I'm sure others can give a step by step process on how to do it, like I said, these are just some overall tips.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

One of the best tool investments I've made in quite some time is the Toolz tire changing stand. This thing almost makes tire changing fun......almost.

Adding a little air to the tube is good advice to prevent pinching. I put just enough air to get the wrinkles out but not enough to start expanding the rubber. I also find that this makes it easier to get the tube valve stem through the rim hole. I remove the valve core and then stick a thin blade screwdriver throught the rim hole and into the valve stem as a guide while I push with my free hand on the outside of the tire directly at the rim hole...this pushes the valve stem right into the hole. Keep pressure at the tire and then start the stem nut to keep the stem in place.

Take small bites as you are putting the tire on and keep the bead down in the center of the rim. Be patient and you shouldn't pinch the tube.

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