07 450 Shifting problem

I have an 07 YZ450f and it will shift into neutral in between any gear. I have had this problem ever since I split the cases about a year ago and it never really bothers me until I hit the track and almost kill myself because I bump it between gears like 2nd and 3rd.

I have heard of this happening on these bikes but what ive read seems like it only happens from dirty oil or poor technique. But I'm guessing this is not a normal thing. My shifter is tight, oil is new, and I can go out and ride and shift from any gear to what seems like neutral. If I am between gears how can I correct this. Could I have screwed something up when I put the cases back together. Anything I can do to fix this as racing season is upon us and I dont want to case another jump because I hit neutral on a jump.

Please help!

Since it is mechanically impossible for a transmission to be in two gears at once and still turn, there is necessarily a point during every gear change where the trans in is no gear at all, or "neutral". The only real difference between the "real" neutral and the other 3 false ones is that there is a notch cut in the indexing segment wheel between 1st and 2nd for the indexing lever to sit in and hold the shift cam between gears.

What could be causing your trouble is anything that keeps the trans from making a complete shift from one gear to the next. Often, this is nothing more than rider error, sometimes contributed to by a shift lever that's too high or low. A shift shaft with the interior lever end bent or damaged can cause it, as can anything that binds the shift forks or the cam.

If you want to inspect, open the right side and remove the clutch, then watch the linkage work to see if you can spot a problem with it.

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