2011 yz450f bogs in the midrange

I know this has sort of been covered but I still haven't seen any answers.

My 11 Yz has done aprox 60hrs of cross country, trail riding/racing and has developed a flat spot in the mid range.

Starts fine but as you ride it with some load on, it is fine off the bottom then it bogs till the revs get up then takes off... not ideal.

I have put in a woods setting with the tuner which did work great till a couple weeks ago but now I can't work out want needs doing.

Have fully tested everything from pump pressure to TPS.

Any ideas... blocked/restricted injector maybe???????

A couple people now have been having bogging issues now... Have you checked the TPS for flat spots throughout the full range? Hold it at mid throttle, and other points, mark your throttle tube if you have to and see if the resistance readings are stable and do not jump or drop suddenly. The resistance should transition evenly throughout the throttle range with no crazy jumps inbetween.

IMO, I would think that if you have a flat spot, or a spike in voltage the map cannot be read properly by the ecu. Either giving too much or too little fuel for that particular throttle opening... Just a guess.

How do you check the TPS?

Think I might of solved it.

Reloaded the stock map(all zeros) rode it, then reloaded the woods maps and seems to have worked.

Maybe like a computer sometimes you need to reboot

have u rode ur bike again? im havin a similar problem and cant figure out. real close to sellin the bike for another just cause its that scary :thumbsup:

Hi, did this get fixed in the end guys?

A lot of threads in here about the "bog", but very little answers.

Someone help me please!!!!

My yz450f 2011 has a mid range bogging issue. I brought the bike and ran it without going over it but it ran real nice no problems. When I got it home I jet washed it and without knowing managed to put water into my rocker cover through a missing bolt. Started it and hydro locked it twisting my exhaust camshaft and stretching my cam chain also doing my piston rings. I replaced all of the above but since the bike don't run the same with a mid range bogging. I've had a new tps fitted and set correctly by a yamaha dealer coz a separate shop couldn't get a reading from it and I've test the fuel pump all seems OK with flow and presure. I've cleaned and tested the injector and that spraying....

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