Taffy,The God Of Jets

I have a 99wr400 with all the mods,pipe,yz timed,no airbox etc.I didn't think i had too much of a jetting concern apart from fouling a plug once a blue moon,but after keepin a eye on all the jetting posts i thought i'd bite the bullet & try his jetting.Man o man what a f@#&*%g difference,i now have crisp unbelivable power EVERYWHERE!Taff ur a legend!! Thanks soooooooo much! :)

Taffy supplied me with the jetting specs for my 99WR also. Its like a new bike now isnt it!?

What did he have you put in? Just wondered if its close to what I put in. (see sig line)

Very similar results with my 02 WR,SCARED :) to try YZ timing :D I followed TCtrailrider & Taffy's post a while back & did my own trials.That "E" taper with the leaner pilot/main settings really worked for my YZ pipe with the end cap.Where would we be without TT? :D

I can just hear Taffy now....

Thall shalt not have any other Gods before me.......


Bonzai :)

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