Motocross tracks south or east of Phoenix?

(Sorry if duplicate)

Does anyone know of any motocross tracks south or east of Phoenix?

I went to Speedworld (NW of Phoenix) yesterday, and loved it. I never rode a track before and am looking for one closer to my house (east mesa).

I heard of one called Ocotillo in Casa Grande, but they don't have open practice this weekend.



(Sorry if duplicate)

Ocotillo is in Eloy, MotoGrande is in Casa Grande. Check out they have a track guide on their site, where you can get contact info.

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Check out the post " Gman and Paul in AZ" .

The MXA site is also good.

As a fellow eastsider we are limited :) as far as tracks go.

Apache Junction is considering a track at the dump site ( 60 @ Ironwood ? ), also there has been a long running rumor that the ex- owner of "ThrasherLand" is going to build a track in the Florence area.

Canyon is a little shorter of a drive, but alot of people think its to tough of a track.

Canyon will be opening two tracks, one a supercross track in the infield of the Stock car track, and one called "short track". I have not seen either so can't say what there like, but I'm sure there will be rocks.

Let us know what you find.

Hey thanks MotoJunkie (and others), I just called MotoGrande and it sounds like a solid MX track. It is a bit far being just southwest of Casa Grande, but it may be enough distance, and incognito, to keep the larger groups away while I learn.

But please keep the suggestions coming!

I hear there is a nice little track near the corner of Greenfield and Guadalupe called MaicoWorld. I understand that you have to watchout for the local authorities on some of the straights though, especially on Saturday afternoons. :)


Have you been to Ocotillo or MotoGrande? What are they like? Looking to do a little practice on Sunday, do they prep them for practice?

Also, did you get your bike yet? If so how do you like it?

Paul, no new bike yet, it wasn't shipped until Wed., I expect it on Monday. BTW, the shipper was Watkins. I've been to Motogrande while it was still under construction, I understand that there have been a lot of changes since then. One thing that did stand out, was that the dirt looked awesome - no rocks, and pretty loamy. Barry at Premier owns the track, so you can get info from him. It used to be called Judds raceway. I haven't been to Ocotillo yet, but as soon as I get the 520 dialed in I plan to do a lot of traveling. (If my wife lets me. :))

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Thanks for the update, bet you can't wait to get the 520 on the track! The Prescott Valley track sounds fantastic on the website. The AZ Old Timers will be racing there on Sunday May 27, can't wait!

Checked out your shipper, complicated rate structure for my purposes at this point but they have potential.

I have seen where both Motogrande and Ocotillo from the highway but haven't taken a closer look yet. I'd like to try something new, wish I knew if Ocotillo was open on Sunday for practice???

Paul, Ocotillo usually only has practice the day before races but Motogrande is open Sat and Sun. I really enjoyed the track, great dirt, decent prep, and more technical rather than fast. Don't let the jumps psyche you out, they are all easily done in 2nd or 3rd gear, well maybe not so easy on that little motor!! :)

Barry almost has the lighting done and will start running nights soon from what I hear.

Nagle's track in PV looks cool in that drawing but he's got alot of jumps in there!

That's the next race for me unless I run an AMX round to stay sharp. Going trail riding tomorrow for a change. I'll e-mail you my phone # call me if you are going to Motogrande or Speedworld anytime.

Thanks for the update F, send my your number and I'll reply with mine. Planned a little riding at 201 today but have out of town company coming this week and need to get ready for them. Also, the foot still isn't 100% so I figured I would give it a rest. Thought about trying the Payson race next Saturday afternoon but I understand it's a pretty tight track, more like SX (not my thing). My son has a baseball game at 1:00 in Gilbert next Saturday also, so it would be pretty tight for us to get there, guess we'll pass. PV will probably be our next race also but would like to try practice at Motogrande and/or Ocitillo. Let's hope for some cooler weather on the weekends over the next month.

I think will we spend the night Saturday night and maybe Sunday night on Memorial Day weekend in Prescott. Hopefully some of the OT'er will be camping Saturday night and will watch our bikes, we will be camping in a hotel! :)

Oh yeah, one more thing F - there were plenty of big bore 4 stokes and 250 2 smokes behind me most of last weekend at Canyon - I think the little 250F is up to those jumps at Motogrande (Ha Ha). :D

Later guys...

Paul in Az

I hate to break the sad news, but Maico World has closed. :) From the sound of it I bet G-Man had something to do with it because the neighbors all mentioned "loud bikes and Hells Angels "

Paul, no promlem with leaving your bike with us at the camp site, I have a bunch of high RPM carb mods I would like to try on your bike first :D


When you say Barry has the lighting almost done, which track is that for ?

Say it ain't so, MaicoWorld - Closed :)

Now I'll never get a chance to use those sportbike tires on my 250F. G-Man have you been riding au na-tur-al at MaicoWorld again???


The only mod you can do to my bike is swap pipes with me so I can become "Holeshot King!"

We'll take you up on the offer to store our bikes. We are planning to go up Saturday morning sometime Memorial weekend, how about you?

Not going to make Payson this weekend, good luck to you guys...


Barry Noblitt, owner of Premier Cycles and MotoGrande. Talk to Husaberg Mark (#1) he has been helping there alot and says the lighting is awsome!

Got the new 520SX today (I know you YZ guys don't care), I'm going to break it in tomorrow. Heading out to Speedworld on Sunday. If you're interested, look for the orange bike (with slow rider), parked behind a black Nissan 4x4. Later

Originally posted by motojunkie:

Got the new 520SX today (I know you YZ guys don't care),

Of course we care, we love roosting 520'S!!!


Sorry couldn't resist, maybe we could meet at SpeedWorld sometime. Are you old enough to join the "seasoned" riders (AZOTMX)?


Nah, Motojunkie is just a pup - probably a fast pup now that he has the 520 - but no match for you G (especially when your riding with your clothes on :) )


Save me a ride on that 520, we might have to meet you at Speedworld on Sunday - if the heat stays away. Have fun on that new beast!



To be able to see the track at night, sounds to good to be true !! Maybe we can get the other Barry ( Hale) to schedule a race or two.


Don't worry too much about the G-Man, ever since he burnt his boots at the campfire, he has been a little shy about doing Superman's over the triples :)

Paul, hope to see you at Speedworld.

G-Man, the thought of an OG (old guy) doing a superman scares the hell out of me! Remember to take your Geritol first. :)

You guys know too much, how did you know geritol is part of my daily diet. Matter of fact when I moto I take energy bars and take a big swig of Geritol before I line up. I swear it get's me amped and the added energy is how I don't get tired.

shhhhh but don't tell anyone I don't want the price to go up on my lil secret. :)


Hey Guys,

Just the last two weeks I rode both Speedworld and MotoGrande (1st and 2nd time on a track)...and I thought I would share my feedback.

Being a new YZ426 owner, I was anxious to try the thing where it was intended. Being a experienced roadracer, but new to dirt bikes (and jumping), I found Speedworld easier to ride, and more confidence inspiring (jumping for the first time). It has faster runs, greater distance between jumps, is a bit wider, and is (perhaps) twice as long as MotoGrande. Speedworld has a good mix of sand, dirt, and broken motorcycle parts (seriously!); overall a very good riding surface. However, the long laps, gearshifts, and highspeed (and tall) jumps makes you tire more quickly - so be careful. Plus, on the weekend I heard it is dangerously busy, and seeing the same corner or jump only every 5-7 minutes (I said I was slow) makes it harder and harder to get them right (quickly).

MotoGrande, which as mentioned before is definitely more technical, but still has its benefits. It has less people (nuts) on the track at once, shorter lap times (provides more opportunity to get a flow for the track), requires less shifts (less work is good), yet will challenge your jumping ability just as much as Speedworld. I found the track surface to be a bit harder and more clean dirt than Speedworld...but still very very good. There are a couple of elevation changes I don't like (I found them to encourage unsafe or risky riding/jumping as opposed to challenging your skills or helping you to have fun), but it does have some "technical" riding challenges that you won't get at Speedworld (mostly shorter jumps leading over taller ones). Yet, overall, the primary issue I had with the track was I wish it had a bit more margin for error (sections are right next to fences and the track isn't very wide), some of the jumps should of been longer, and yet others should of been shorter. And I wish the track was a bit longer all together (so it would spread the riders out more, so I could sit my fat butt down and rest my back, and so I could get the 426 up to speed).

Bottom line: I loved both, and will be back soon. Do both so your skills are well rounded.

Incidentally, at both tracks the bike was rock solid. It jumps really straight, allowed me to be lazy on the clutch/gear changes, and is very forgiving (it saved my rear about 20 times so far). It powers up everything with ease, and while in the air it feels very maneuverable. Definitely a solid buy for tracks.

Sorry so long, just wanted to share my thoughts for others.

Thanks Guys,


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