A question on Break-In

Howdy, all.

Okay, after four years in the shed, my bike is finally running again. (Yup, you read that right.) I've totally rebuilt it basically from the ground up. Since it's been a long, long time from the last time I've had to break in a bike, I've totally forgotten the basics, other than take it easy on it and change the oil right afterwards. I seem to remember something about 500 miles being the break in period, but, I'm not sure. Here's some data to help you help me: '93 XR650L with Weisco (sp?) Piston (1 over, 101mm), Barnumspro Cam, R&D Valve springs, Edelbrock Pumper carb, K&N filter, with the airbox snorkel removed and holes cut in the side, stock header with a supertrapp EAR muffler. That's all the engine mods to a nutshell. It now has absolutely no time on it, other than getting it started and revving the throttle a few times to get the idle set.

Thanks for ya'll's time. :)

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