engine noise (not cb gear)

my 99 yz400 started making a rattling noise coming for the clutch cover i thought cb gear and removed the side cover (the big one)and found zero play in the cb gear no matter witch way i pulled but i did find what to me seemed to be a lot of play in the clutch basket about 1/8" in and out also if you push on one side of the outer basket and pull on the outher side (from the fingers) this also has play slightly less than if you were to pull straight in and out. the inner hub also moves in and out 1/8" but not side to side the basket seemed tight to the gear behind it the bothed moved together is this normal???? the sound really sounds like it is right behind the clutch cover

Did you pull the pressure plate and check the hub nut?

yes i did pull the pressure plate the nut was tight with the lock washer inplace

it seems like the whole shaft moves in and out but just the basket moves side to side maby this play is normal and i am just paranoid

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