wr450/250 forks

does anyone know the difference will 250 forks fit the 450 clamps?

im guessing there different springs but are the forks the same diameter?

I am not 100% sure, but I think there is a 2mm difference in diameters. It would probably help if you put the years of bikes you are talking about. Not sure if they have changed, but it's a possibility.

Usually, they stay the same diameter during the same years of each model. But I think someone on here has said that the 250f forks are like 1/2" shorter top to bottom though. What years are you comparing? Maniac

I thought that the 250s had 46mm and 450s had 48mm, could be wrong though.

A 1/2" difference in length would really make almost no difference to 99% of us IMO.

well mines a 04 but i dont know what year the other forks are.

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