Bars, grips, handguards

OK, so I am about 6'1" and feel cramped up by the stock bars on my 426. When I stand up, the bars are too low and too far back, making it hard for me to ride relaxed standing up, I can barely do a standing wheelie, feels like the bars will hit me in the leg an push me off the back.

Bottom line, I think I need taller bars that don't come back so much into my lap.

At the same time, I want to put on handguards (with the aluminum brace) that won't cramp up my hands, I have kinda big hands. I have tried the acerbis rally pro, too tight in the pinky area.

And of course I will need new grips at the same time.

If I don't really need to, I would like to stay with 7/8 bars ($50 for fat bar clamps, and extra on the hanguards for the mounting kit as well) but maybe yous guys can talk me into going fat.

OK, any input here? Tell me what you have tried, liked and disliked. Help would be appreciated, but not paid for! :D

Thanks in advance. :)

Try a honda hi bend bar (I wanna say cr500 bend)

Or you can get bar risers that push your bars up and forward. I think Baja Designs makes some.

Trippleclamps with optional bar mounts are an option.

Do the footpeg swap option . That will give you some more room. Basicaly you swap the LH and RH footpegs around, with some other slight modifications. This drops and moves back the footpegs. Do a search. There is info here somewere on how to do this.

I have Jimmy Button Renthal's, Pro-Grip 798's, and Acerbis Rally 2 handguards. The handguards don't have the aluminium brace through the middle, only aluminium mounts to the bar', but they have held up great during my crash testing :D The only thing I would change is I would probably go for the new Pro-Grip 799's, they seem a little softer than 798's. :)


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