cutting stock bars

do you guys cut your stock bars, or just replace em? this '05 i just picked up still has the stock renthal bars, which are in perfect shape. they just seem soo wide to me. end to end with acerbis hand guards measures 33". so about what? 31" on the stock bars? i am considering hacking up to an inch off each side. is there an easy way to test this before i cut the end off? can i move everything in an inch and go for a ride and see how it feels? or am i going to run into issues with the throttle tube doing that? will the handguards still fit if i cut them?


the throttle on my bike has a closed end so it wouldnt be possible. just cut them and let us know how it goes :thumbsup:

I needed to cut the end off of the throttle tube for the hand guards to fit, so doing that first and testing width should be fine.

I cut about 3/4" off each end of my stock bars with a hack saw. I originally tried a pipe cutter (plumbing type for copper water lines) and that was going to take forever. Even with a good hack saw, it was more effort than I anticipated.

I'd go 1/4" each side first, and then smooth out the area which was cut, inside and outside the bar.

I think cutting them down up to an inch won't be a problem.

I'm running some Enduro Engineering bark busters, and if I cut the bars down I would also have to modify the barkbusters as the inboard handlebar clamps can't go in much further. Year ago we used to run 30" bars.

would a "woods" bend bar suit me better? how is the bend compared to stock? i feel like they need to be taller/narrower/and pushed forward just a bit though i am sure i can rotate the stock ones forward to accomplish that part.

I got a pair of tusk handlebar risers from ebay for about $20 and love them. You could try that for a small investment. I also used a big tubing cutter to cut 3/4" off of each bar end. My Acerbis handguards are pretty crowded, though.

Becareful not to cut too much off the ends of the bars.

Move your perches in as far as they go first. If you go too far the perches will have to be mounted on the bends of the bars.

If you need them narrow, you can mount mini bars

what is different about mini bars?

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