Gray, you there? More on Pivot Works Head/steering Bearings...

I hope you catch this soon, Gray, in that you are the "Go To" guy for mechanical, etc. issues!

So, I called Pivot Works and a tech guy wasnt much help, said he'd have to look at the bearings and would likely send me out a new set in that these are likely defects.

That said, I popped out the old races this morning and got to looking at everything, and it "seems" they might be ok, but, with one being a top bearing/race, and one being bottom, here's why. The circumference of the top is bigger than the bottom, hence, it seems as if there is a differance in how the seals seat once the races are in, but because I had the old Yamaha bearing, the leaky ones pre-2008, I have no comparison. Here are photos of the bearings. You can see how one seal drops over the race, and the other folds up away from the race.

Now my problem is, if they are in spec, which is which? It seems as if the one without the crease on top, (See photo) goes on the bottom, in that it seems to fit perfectly, but I cant really tell for sure without the races installed, and the races are different sizes, so I cant install them until I know which is which.

The guy from Pivot Works is going to call back later today, but I would like to get these done ASAP, in that my kids bike needs a few things done before tommorrow, and my bike is in the way.

Whoops, forgot the pictures...

How do I insert photos?

The photos need to be uploaded to some sort of photo hosting site, like webshots, photobucket, & etc.. After they are on the hosting site, copy the url address for the photo, and paste it into the "Insert Image" box you get when you click on the little yellow & grey icon, just above & right of the box where you type in your text. That icon kinda looks like a postcard of a mountain & sun photo, more or less.....

Hope that helps!


Or you can copy them to your TT garage and then link them like Diesel Goober said.

If one is a larger diameter than the other, wouldn't that mean that one would be loose in the steering head if installed in the wrong place?

Bearings have "standard" cross referencing numbers on them, and the lower bearing outer race should have a number very similar to the number on one of the two pivot works bearings.

man, I feel pretty stupid now.

OK, the Pivot Works bearings/seals/races were/are in spec.

The top circumference of my YZ's steering head is slightly larger than the bottom, which is why the bearing seals are designed differently.

Once I got the old hardware out of the bike and started matching things up, I figured it out.

I shouild have explored things more indepth early on, instead, I just looked at the new bearings and reacted to a percieved flaw...

Thanks Gray, and everyone else who chimed in.

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