slimmest choice oversized tank

I have an ugly 3.2 clarke and I cant slide up very far in corners etc. Its very bulky between the legs. Is the 2.6 much of a difference or is there a different brand to look at.

actually ive never paid attention to the capacity so it might be the 2.6 already. either way its wide as hell and tall so I guess im left with swapping tanks out track and trail.


compared to


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I dont know what the clarke tank looks like, but I hear that the IMS tank has a lower profile than my acerbis one. I have also heard that how close it is to the header can be an issue.

really? good to know especially since I have a mega bomb.

It actually look like the 2.6, as I used to have the clarke 3.2 and remember it filling in more where the stock location for the petcock was, as well as being taller at the gas cap. The IMS I currently have fits much better than the clarke 3.2. The clarke seemed to rub in several different areas and I seemed to fight putting on the radiator shrouds more than I do on the IMS. I also think the IMS looks better and has a lower profile at the gas cap than the clarke 3.2, but looks comparable to the tank you have. I don't have any issues with the tank being wider than stock.

I've had issues with sliding up in corners, and when I took a clinic with Steve Hatch he pointed this out right away. He suggested a taller seat/seat foam, and this solved the issues.

Here's a picture ( the only one I have) of the bike with the IMS and taller seat foam:


thanks jim. I am 5'10" or so and I am unsure i want to go all the way to a tall seat. I slide up so nice with the stock tank. I feel like im tip toeing around corners with the clarke not nearly as agressive as I can be.

My son had a Clarke 2.6 on his '06, and had no problem moving up on the bike at all. And he's 6'4".

a shorter rider would have a harder time doing that especially without a tall seat

I'm shorter, and I have no problem with the Clarke, either. It's very little wider than the stocker, actually.

i dont know Ill do some riding with the stock tank for while and see if i do better. the height is more of the problem for me. the bottom line is nothing is going to fit better than the stocker and i need to accept it. miles vs comfort for me.

Do the clear IMS tanks turn yellow over time with 4t? Or do they only yellow on 2t due to the gas/oil premix?

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