rear spring change

Had to be one of the best things I have done. Original spring was a 5.0, new one is a 5.4. I weigh 216 without gear. Oddly enough after setting sag, the new spring seems softer on top but has a much better cushion on landing. If you haven't though about fine tuning suspention, you might just start thinking about it. :)

I agree 100% Chris. I just put the correct rear spring for my weight on my bike. It is the smartest thing you can do for your suspension. I always thought, the softer the rear spring, the better the ride. Wrong! Keeping that shock functioning in the correct part of the stroke keeps it plush initially and progressivly firm for jumps. Glad you brought it to everyones attention.

O.K. you talked me into it.

I've been on the phone this week with Race Tech and there's no doubt I'll be doing a suspension upgrade soon.

DC, Did you get your bike in the U.S. if so it most likely came with a 5.2 rear spring and a .460 front springs not that means anything. I also weight about 210 to 215 depending on how many Sam Adams Iv'e had. I think that moving up to a 5.4 will be my next susp. move. I love riding across the desert in sand washes or just open rangeing it. Sometimes you will hit some really nasty stuff in that case stiffer is better.

I have been running 5.8kg rear for quite a while and recently got back on a buddies stock rear spring and what a difference. The spring costs only $110. and is well worth every penny for heavier riders. The stock spring squats the suspension to much. Easy to change for guys that are not to mechanical. :)

Replaced front and rear on mine awhile back. I'm 250#. Put 5.8 RaceTech Rear and .49 front. The difference was somewhere near ASTOUNDING.


Have any of you installed the "gold valves" to go along with the suspension spring upgrades? Why or why not? :)

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