can you put a 250 in a 426

i have a 02 426f and i was wondering if it would be possible to put a yamaha 250 in the frame, i think the 426 may have been too much bike. please let me know if you have any experience with this


Of course anything is possible it would just take some fab and maybe some new parts. I think the first few years of the 250f are real similar to the 400/426 but I doubt it will bolt right in. I don't know enough technically about the differences so I can't give you any facts, but you CAN do it.

The question is why? If the 426 is too much bike right will want it someday.

426 is too much? why not just roll the throttle tube so that you cant twist it all the way? 2 weeks of hard riding and you'll be fine with the 426.

to answer your question, i want to put a 250 in it because i found a cheap 250 that i could throw in while i rebuild the 426 maybe?

oh, you have WAY more ambition than i would have. pretty sure none of the electronics would cross over. let alone bolt up

what would i have to do to get the electronics to match up. i can make whatever mounts i have to on a CNC machine at work so i dont think that will be too hard. but what would i have to do with the electronics

Won't fit without cutting and fabbing a taller "Y" section where the frame splits at the bottom of the down tube, which, of course, is your oil tank.

Overall, a really bad idea.

You could sell your 426, buy a newer year 250f, and likely break even. Just a thought.

You could sell your 426, buy a newer year 250f, and likely break even. Just a thought.


What he said. I'm sure somebody out there wants more power and you want less. I'd be willing to bet someone out there would be willing for a straight up trade. If you do decide to tackle a 250 swap, be sure and post pics. I find conversions very interesting. Good Luck.

A lot of work for very little gained in the process. I don't see what the benefit would be.

the 426 doesnt run, the entire motor top and bottom end are shot. i was thinking about the 250 motor because i found a cheap one, not the whole bike.

trust me if there was an easy way to get the 426 running i would be all over that.

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