KTM 200 MXC swing arm bolt question

Hi guys. I bought a 1998 KTM 200 that has a few issues. I discovered that the swingarm bolt was broken off and the guy was using a socket as a spacer. I don't know how I missed it but I did. I just bought a bolt out kit to try to remove it but I haven't tried it yet. There is about a half inch of the headless bolt sticking out. I already ordered the new bolt and nut and am hoping to get it out with out damaging the swingarm threads. Does anyone have any tricks to get the bolt out. I put some penetrating oil on it. If I get out never seize is in its future.

You need a big sledge hammer or an air hammer to get them out usually. A little heat on the engine case wouldn't hurt either.

Air hammer.


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